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Connecting to your body activates your power.

You were born with a strong connection to your body.  As a baby, you cried when you felt hungry, you cooed when you felt happy, and you stuck everything in your mouth to make “sense” of your world.

As humans, we survived and thrived by connecting to our bodies and living with nature’s seasons.  Why? We are nature.  Before there was formal language or the written word, there was wisdom and strength that came from our bodies communicating and us listening.

Hello 21st Century!

As telecommunication speeds quicken, the amount of information available grows exponentially without slowing down. We are required to look outside of ourselves and to technology to thrive.  Adults spend 5-6 hours daily on their smartphone for recreation. It makes sense that outside interruptions distract us from the subtle communication between our body and brain.

Alexa gives answers within seconds, Amazon delivers packages the next day, and microwaves cook frozen burritos in under 5 minutes. Mother Nature’s timing feels snail-like.  Thinking that something is wrong with you when you feel overwhelmed or can’t heal your broken heart overnight sets you up to feel weak. 

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Hello Dear One

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Look within,
my beautiful friend.

The answer to your overwhelm isn’t that you aren’t doing enough. You have done plenty! I see you. You are a Rockstar in the “doing” department. The missing piece is that you were never given permission to be…. just “BE”…..and know deep down in your bones that You are Enough!  You don’t have to earn your worth. You were born worthy.

I invite you to take time, get curious and CONNECT to the wisdom of your body. Let’s hear what she has to say.  Turn off distractions daily for 30 minutes and prioritize yourself.  She may welcome your interest, she may be angry, or she may have turned her back on you for self preservation.  Accept all emotions or numbness with self compassion and love. 

Prioritizing yourself heals.

Your body will show you ways you have unknowingly abandoned it.  It’s time to reclaim these lost pieces of yourself and integrate them. This process takes courage, time AND it unlocks creative power and confidence. You remember who you really are.  You are a deep well of wisdom.  Your body is a vessel of limitless pleasure. You are sacred. 

Welcome, Goddess!

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