Hi, I'm


I am a Sexual Empowerment Coach.

I help women feel sexually confident and sensually connected to their bodies. I know what blocks your confidence and what unlocks it. My passion is helping you create passion in your life. When I hear you tell me how powerful you feel, how sexy you feel, and how you just had amazing sex, I am complete. My life purpose box has been checked!

I was drawn to the topic of sexual wellness in college (Hello, Kinsey Sex Institute at Indiana University). If I didn’t think that my parents would be totally mortified (they were), I would have changed my major to be a sex therapist. Instead, I chose a more tolerable career (for my parents’ sake and they were the ones paying for college) as a Registered Dietitian and later I studied to become a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Teaching nutrition,

weight loss, and stress management have been my thing since 1985. But in 2011, the Universe gave me the opportunity to circle back to my sexual wellness interest. The timing was good because I had recently divorced for the second time and was definitely not feeling empowered as a single mom raising two teens, losing my house, losing my father to cancer, and trying to reinvent my wellness career during an economic recession. Deep down I believed I was damaged goods.

I learned the hard way that when you lack self esteem, you don’t make the best choices. I wasn’t aware that I was co-dependent and people pleasing. I saw it as a positive that I put everyone else’s needs first before my own. I didn’t know I had the right to set healthy boundaries and teach others by example how I deserved to be treated.

My journey back

to establishing healthy boundaries, healing my shame and growing my self confidence came through my experience as a non-sexual Tantra practitioner (that required setting boundaries). By teaching men with erectile dysfunction “ED” how to reconnect with their body using breath, guided meditation, and healthy touch, they gained back their self confidence and self esteem. It is interesting how my self confidence and self esteem coincidentally expanded as well.

Applying the Tantra practices to my personal life helped me to experience multiple orgasms and orgasms in places I didn’t know you could have orgasms. And this is happening in my 50’s!!! Most importantly, I learned that I needed to love, cherish and forgive myself. The amount of healing energy that is now available to me fuels my desire to help other women.

I created Empowered Enchantress

to work exclusively with ladies and their partners. I help women who want a passionate love life, let go of her guilt, self-doubt and shame, so she can reclaim her power and love her body. I’m here to help you remove the obstacles holding you back from stepping into your brilliance.

and giving you the permission (you shouldn’t need it) to celebrate your unique sexual nature. This kind of metamorphosis unlocks powerful healing energy that can improve other areas that extend way beyond your love life, like your mental & physical health, your sleep, your non-sexual relationships, your career, and your confidence.

Imagine what the world would look like with more empowered sexually confident women?

Welcome, Goddess!

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