Episode 1 : Welcome to our podcast about female empowerment and, oh yeah… orgasms.

Finally, there’s a podcast for your sexual awakening. Successful female empowerment involves moving past the conditioning of shame regarding sexuality and invites you back to love yourself into wholeness. That’s the beginning of what Permission To Be Enchanting is all about.  Episode #1 of our first season is a taste of the background and chemistry […]

Episode 3 : A is for Anal (Orgasms A-G)

After discussing erotic blueprints last week, Clare and Rachel happily highlight the variety of orgasms that are available to women.  To make it easy to remember they’ve created an alphabetical way to list them: A is for anal, B is for breast/nipple, C is for clitoral/cervical, D is for double = multiple, E is for […]

Episode 2 : Permission to Own Your Sexual Style

This episode discussed the five sexual styles of the Erotic Blueprint demonstrated in the Netflix Show: Sex, Love, & Goop. Rachel’s primary sexual style is Kinky and Clare’s primary is equal Energetic & Sensual.   Rachel shares with us her “naughty” secret for a stronger orgasm and laughs about her “epic fail” when experimenting with bondage. […]

Your Life Has Phases

When I learned about the Three Phases of a Woman’s Life, I was in the Maiden phase.  The three phases are called Maiden, Mother, and Crone.  Crone represented the woman post menopause who has wisdom to share with the mothers and maidens.  Seemed logical and it was a long way off.  Twenty five years later, […]

Where it all began……

They say to pay attention to the things and activities that delighted you when you were younger.  What were things you were drawn to do or would find time to do when no one was telling/forcing you to do it? Where were you or what activities were you doing when you lost your sense of […]