Orgasmic Activation: The Key to Unlocking Orgasmic Potential with Susan Bratton (S3E11)

Permission to be Enchanting | Susan Bratton | Orgasmic Cross Training

Warning: This episode contains explicit sexual content not meant for minors.  Ready for a journey that promises to uncover layers of pleasure you never knew existed? Join Clare Sente and “Intimacy Expert to Millions💋” Susan Bratton as they talk about orgasms and explore techniques to cultivate a variety of orgasmic experiences. Discover the secrets of […]

Resources To Overcome Stress And Burnout (S3E10)

Permission to be Enchanting | Overcome Stress

  Life can be pretty hectic that we unknowingly accumulate stress because we are too busy to acknowledge ourselves and our emotions. Then one day, we just burn out. How do we pick ourselves up from this crash? What resources can we reach to help? Join us for an intimate exploration of vulnerability and emotional […]

Decoding Your Life’s Path And Purpose Through Numerology With Felicia Bender (S3E9)

PTBE Felicia Bender | Numerology

  Embark on a fascinating journey into the depths of numerology, where the unique vibrational energies of numbers intertwine with our personal experiences, providing a mystical lens through which to understand the intricacies of life. In this episode, Clare Sente and Rachel Watson sit down with professional numerologist Felicia Bender to talk about what numerology […]

Relaxed Sex: Deepening Connection And Intimacy With Sarah Rose Bright (S3E8)

PTBE Sarah Rose Bright | Relaxed Sex

We can get so caught up living in a fast-paced world that we end up carrying these tensions into the bedroom, making us forget the pleasures of truly connecting that come from slowing down. Clare Sente and Rachel Watson interview intimacy and sex coach Sarah Rose Bright about relaxed sex, what it is and what […]

Body Work: Trusting The Intelligence Of Your Body With Ali Mezey (S3E7)

PTBE Ali Mezey | Body’s Intelligence

  Our body contains more wisdom than we give it credit to. Often, we can find healing just by tapping and trusting the body’s intelligence. Ali Mezey embraces this. She is a pioneer in body-based modalities, a practitioner, educator, and facilitator of individual and group transformation and healing. In this episode, she joins Clare Sente […]

S3E5: The Transformational Magic Of Women’s Circles

PTBE 5 | Women’s Circles

  Women’s Circles: Where vulnerability meets empowerment, and self-love becomes a powerful ritual. In this enchanting episode, your hosts Clare Sente and Rachel Watson discuss how they originally met through a women’s circle in 2020 and their positive experiences of being in other women’s circles. They discuss how women’s circles are more than just a […]

S3E4: Swipe Differently: Mastering Midlife Dating In The Digital Age With Bex Burton

PTBE 4 | Midlife Dating

Today’s midlife dating scene captures the clash between digital swipes and the timeless search for genuine connections. In this episode, Clare interviews dating and relationship coach Bex Burton about why it feels so difficult to date in today’s digital age with swiping apps. Unpacking the complexities of modern dating apps and the swipe culture, Bex […]

S3E3: Clare’s Origin Story Part 2: A Journey To Sexual Awakening And Self-Discovery

PTBE 1 | Origin Stories

Pleasure, curiosity, and empowerment – the keys to unlocking a life of unapologetic joy and self-discovery. We are back for part 2 of Clare Sente’s Origin Story. For today’s episode, we dive deep into Clare’s sexual awakening and explore the realms of pleasure, curiosity, and empowerment. Clare shares how her childhood conditioning was around sex, […]

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