S3E5: The Transformational Magic Of Women’s Circles

PTBE 5 | Women’s Circles

  Women’s Circles: Where vulnerability meets empowerment, and self-love becomes a powerful ritual. In this enchanting episode, your hosts Clare Sente and Rachel Watson discuss how they originally met through a women’s circle in 2020 and their positive experiences of being in other women’s circles. They discuss how women’s circles are more than just a […]

S3E4: Swipe Differently: Mastering Midlife Dating In The Digital Age With Bex Burton

PTBE 4 | Midlife Dating

Today’s midlife dating scene captures the clash between digital swipes and the timeless search for genuine connections. In this episode, Clare interviews dating and relationship coach Bex Burton about why it feels so difficult to date in today’s digital age with swiping apps. Unpacking the complexities of modern dating apps and the swipe culture, Bex […]

S3E3: Clare’s Origin Story Part 2: A Journey To Sexual Awakening And Self-Discovery

PTBE 1 | Origin Stories

Pleasure, curiosity, and empowerment – the keys to unlocking a life of unapologetic joy and self-discovery. We are back for part 2 of Clare Sente’s Origin Story. For today’s episode, we dive deep into Clare’s sexual awakening and explore the realms of pleasure, curiosity, and empowerment. Clare shares how her childhood conditioning was around sex, […]

S3E1: Rachel’s Story: How Origin Stories Shape Our Lives

PTBE 1 | Origin Stories

  We all have origin stories because we are superheroes in our own lives. Part of our empowerment journey involves looking at our early conditioning so we choose consciously for creating our next chapters living authentically. We begin Season 3 with Clare asking Rachel about her upbringing as a Mormon. She opens up on how […]

S2 E12: The Key To Your Happiness: Connecting And Listening To Our Vulvas

PTBE 12 | Vulvas

Exploring and understanding our bodies can be a valuable and empowering experience. Our personal experiences with connecting to our bodies can vary, and it’s important to approach such explorations with an open mind and respect for individual preferences and comfort levels. In this episode, Rachel and Clare provided valuable insights, guidance, and support for individuals […]

S2 E11: Making Menopause Mainstream With Adele Johnston

PTBE 11 | Menopause

Menopause affects so many women, yet it’s still a topic shrouded in mystery and discomfort. With the proper education and guidance, women can discover personalized solutions to manage symptoms and thrive during this significant life transition. In this episode, Clare Sente and Rachel Watson welcome a special guest, Adele Johnston. Building on a previous episode, […]

S2 E10: Empowering Women Through Boudoir Photography

PTBE 10 | Boudoir Photography

  “You cannot pose yourself into looking sexy. You can feel yourself into being sexy.” – Rachel Watson.   In this episode, Clare Sente and Rachel Watson talk about their work and specifically how Rachel’s work with her boudoir photography is about empowering women to feel great about themselves. It will resonate with us if […]

S2E9: Menopause: What You Need To Know About Your Second Spring

PTBE 9 | Menopause

  At some point in time, we will hit menopause. It could arrive early for some, while others may have it later. Either way, it will come and create changes for the rest of your life. And wouldn’t it be great to know more about it before it happens to help you through? In this […]

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