28-day Body Connection Meditation

This 28-day course offers you 20 guided audio meditations to help you slow down, focus your attention and feel connected to your body.  This course is for the beginner or intermediate meditator.  

By the end of the course you will have created a daily 10-minute practice for four weeks, connecting with your body and listening for messages that your body has to share with you.  This course also helps you to strengthen your intuition and relax.  

The messages your body shares may be clear or subtle.  Messages can be felt physically as a tingling sensation, buzzing, or temperature changes in body parts.  Other participants hear messages like a whisper or a song loop.  Some clients see recurring numbers throughout the day or visions in their mind or in their dreams. Any and all messages are normal.  

My advice is to be open and curious.  Most of us have not been taught to tune into our bodies, be still and listen for messages.  It takes practice to go from looking outside of yourself for answers to trusting that your body has the answers.  In fact, you may not experience anything but relaxation for a week or three as your body adjusts to this daily practice.  If this is you and you feel frustrated, don’t worry, you aren’t broken or doing it wrong.  Keep doing the daily practice.

You will have an accompanying journal to record daily your body’s messages and begin to look for patterns or themes. Each week there will be 5 unique guided meditations and then you can repeat your favorite meditations for the remaining two days of that week. 

The goal of the course is to help the beginner or intermediate meditator slow down their breathing and heart rate, to relax, to learn to focus their attention inwards for ten minutes each day and invite the wisdom of their body to reveal itself.  Enjoy.

Course Instructor

Clare Sente Clare Sente Instructor

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