Clare Sente & Nancy Bruce

Financial Prosperity Class

This class offers

a small intimate setting for female entrepreneurs to break through your unconscious money blocks using proven techniques backed by neuroscience to help you create more financial abundance in your life.

The Six Week Class

covers the following categories of where we hold unconscious money blocks that keep us from earning and attracting and keeping more money.  

They are:

  1. EARLY MONEY PARADIGMS – where did you learn about money and the energy of money? Did you grow up in a family where money was scarce, valued, made fun of, etc. This is in your nervous system before you even learned to speak.
  1. OUTRAGEOUS GOALS – You can state that you want to make a lot of money and what does the thought of making more money do to your nervous system or what does your inner critic have to say about this big goal?
  1. HIDDEN AGENDA – your money goals are about proving to someone else that you CAN earn money and be successful. This focus is not the most powerful way to attract more money when it is about trying to win the approval of someone else.
  1. FINANCIAL TRAUMA – (Clare’s block) what may have happened in the past with making more money? What wound is associated with money?
  1. GOAL TRAUMA – Did you attain your goal but it came at a big cost?  Did making more money change or end a relationship with someone you cared about? Without clearing this trauma, it will block future money coming in.
  1. FEAR OF BEING VISIBLE – In order to earn more money in your business, it involves showing up and being seen.  Many women have been conditioned to be invisible to avoid emotional and physical pain.

Nancy Bruce is my workshop cohost

and personal EFT Tapping Coach. I worked with Nancy in 2022 on my money blocks and have increased my income by $2K per month for the second half of the year. 

I desire in 2023 to create small in person & online communities that inspire both VITA coaches and other female entrepreneurs to embody financial prosperity and sexual thriving

Class Details

Clare Sente

is a Sex Love & Relationship “SLR” VITA GRADUATE 2021, Female Empowerment Coach at Empoweredenchantress.com who combines hands on healing bodywork and coaching in Chicago, Illinois. She is also the owner of Clarity Living Thai Massage & Healing since 2011, the creator of the podcast Permission to Be Enchanting, now in Season 2, with her co host Rachel Watson, which focuses on topics related to healthy female sexuality.

Nancy Bruce

is a certified Emotional Freedom Technique “EFT” Practitioner, Certified Emotional Weight Loss Coach, and Registered Holistic Nutritionist “RHN” in Ontario, Canada.  She sees clients at Lavender Lane Wellness Centre in Waterloo, Ontario and online.

‘Tapping with Nancy has enabled some profound shifts in my money mindset. I feel more at ease and empowered around money and my business after having worked with Nancy. She has a gift in finding precisely the beliefs that held me back and supported their transformation.

I highly recommend Nancy to anyone wanting to be more relaxed and empowered around money.’

-Anna L. (Berlin, Germany)

‘I have known Nancy for years and have done EFT on my own as well as beside her and others for a very long time. Recently I was diagnosed with Cancer and it stirred up an awful lot for me. I have never had an EFT coach before the last few months. I cannot begin to tell you how different it is to have someone leading you in the tapping versus just doing it on your own. 

Nancy is amazing at figuring out the emotions that I am keeping tucked away and drawing them out for me and getting major breakthroughs. She’s not afraid to call me on some of the emotions I am hiding behind as well. 

I strongly recommend Nancy as an EFT coach with her insightful, intuitive, and kind ways. Thank you for everything Nancy!’

– M.B. (Kitchener, Ontario)

Nancy Bruce is a gifted Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner & Life Coach! I worked with Nancy through her Tapping Into Wealth Program, and the insights I gained and the clearing of my emotional blockages helped to bring abundance and gifted like-minded practitioners to my business. 
Nancy is sensitive, kind, funny, trustworthy, highly intuitive, and she shines a light on your subconscious blocks, clears them, and replaces them with positivity, so that you can attain optimal health, wealth, and self love. 
I am so grateful that Nancy and her Tapping Into Wealth Program came into my life, it has shifted everything in my life in a more positive direction! 
-Christine G. (Waterloo, Ontario)

Exact Dates for Tapping Class

COST: $299

Minimum of 4 participants and maximum of 15

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We will send out the replay within 24 hours to the email address you used to register.

Yes. We ask that your camera be on for the 6-week class.

After the workshop we will provide information to work with Nancy if the 6-week class is not a convenient time for you.

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