What is

Embodiment Coaching?

Embodiment Coaching

is my favorite method of coaching.  I’m certified in three methods: Motivational Interviewing™ Guiding Mindful Change™ Coaching, and Embodiment Coaching. I’ve used the first two coaching methods for 20 years as a Registered Dietitian and Female Empowerment Coach.

Embodiment coaching spends time connecting to what you feel in your body.  For example, if you say, “Clare, I feel this tightness in my chest when I think about asking my husband to help me out with the chores around the house” (or to ask my partner to spend more time doing foreplay), coaching your logical brain might involve role playing with you how to be more assertive and ask for what you need. 

With Embodiment coaching,

we spend time having you feel into your body around that tightness in your chest.  Maybe you breathe into it.  Maybe you put your hand over your chest and ask what it wants to tell you.  Maybe you describe it….does it have a color (e.g., grey, red)….or a texture (e.g.,chain link fence, cement block)…or a sensation (e.g., tingly, sharp, cold, or numb) so it feels seen. 

When I first witnessed this style of coaching my logical brain judged the hell out of it, while simultaneously worrying if I could ever feel a blue ball in my throat or a cement block around my heart. Growing up, we were never taught to look for and feel sensations in our body, but this IS embodiment. And it’s a scientifically proven way to heal.

Embodiment coaching

opened doors to previously restricted places within me.  I’ve busted some of my own limiting beliefs about worthiness, love, and money (we are all works in progress).  My long-term massage clients have commented on my increased confidence. Three massage clients have become coaching clients.  

My lover tells me how much he enjoys the goddess who is more assertive and orgasmic in bed.  Greater connection to your body will benefit all areas of your life. I continue to get coached to keep growing and evolving.

If you feel nervous & excited = "Nervecited"

it is a GOOD sign.  There are parts of you longing to feel more authentic and free.  And there is the conditioning you grew up with that shames you for having desires.  ALL OF YOUR FEELINGS ARE WELCOME HERE WITH ME.  Together, let’s explore your feelings with curiosity and compassion.  I invite you to schedule a free 45-Minute Discovery Call where you can experience this “embodied” coaching process for yourself.  It is a perfect opportunity to practice trusting your intuition (body) to help you decide your next step.

Welcome, Goddess!

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