Episode 1 : Welcome to our podcast about female empowerment and, oh yeah… orgasms.

Finally, there’s a podcast for your sexual awakening. Successful female empowerment involves moving past the conditioning of shame regarding sexuality and invites you back to love yourself into wholeness. That’s the beginning of what Permission To Be Enchanting is all about. 

Episode #1 of our first season is a taste of the background and chemistry between hosts Clare Sente and Rachel Watson. 

Clare is a Chicago-based, certified sex, love and intimacy coach who had her own sexual awakening at 48. Rachel is an outstanding, Scottish-bred photographer who focuses on helping women love themselves.

Rachel’s journey of loving herself and celebrating her flaws makes her a better photographer by putting her clients at ease with self acceptance. Rachel shares her life and background about being a Morman, being a virgin and married at 19, and learning after 15 years of marriage that her marriage is better when she focuses on being happy herself.

Clare’s experiences as a certified sex coach, along with her own awakening, make her uniquely qualified to help their listeners. And with over 20 years of research on the female orgasm there’s a lot to share.

Using guest and client stories, Clare and Rachel are on a journey to help women feel whole again. Like Kintsugi, the Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold, the idea of embracing flaws and imperfections with loving self acceptance helps you create an even stronger, more beautiful piece of art. YOU.

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