Hello, my

fellow goddess.

Want to learn how monthly moon cycles can help you manifest your dreams faster?

you are in luck! So, many of us women plan our lives around work, school, and the days of the week.  We are running a never-ending race with no time left to focus on our own needs or dreams. By contrast, tuning into nature and her cycles offers a healthier and sustainable way to set and accomplish goals. To start prioritizing YOU!

a group of women for over three years and together we have harnessed the power of the full and the new moon cycles to create and state our new monthly intentions, grow bolder in our wishes, and be witnessed as we begin to let go of old thought patterns, beliefs, shame, etc. that hold us back.

in a collective community.  I want to offer this healing and empowerment to more women in 2021 as a monthly new moon gathering via Zoom.

is free with no obligation.  You will learn more about setting intentions, the power of setting intentions, and systematically letting go of things and relationships that no longer serve you.. Attend one month or attend all.  It is your choice. You will get access to the dates and the Zoom link by downloading the calendar.

Are you ready to invite some
Lunar Magic into your life?

Welcome, Goddess!

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