Nine Month Online Women's
Circle with Clare and Rachel

“Make Space & Take Space” Theme 

Want to be part of a Women's Group focused on creating a life that feels Empowered & Pleasurable?

Then this is for you.

Clare & Rachel created this online women’s circle so you can be supported in a positive community on your path to creating your Empowered Self

Time that works for both US & UK women

Learn ways to connect daily with your inner wisdom

Practice celebrating wins and speaking up in community

Connect with nature and her cycles for your personal growth

Self development is not a sprint, it’s a lifelong process. Having support and encouragement makes the journey so much better.

If you enjoy the energy and humor of Clare and Rachel’s podcast, you now have the opportunity to continue exploring episode topics like: creating more pleasure, taking up space, better communication, effects of menopause, self compassion, and building confidence with a small group of women over the course of nine months.

We created this space to take our conversations deeper and apply action steps that lead to tangible growth. We can all go farther together. So give yourself permission & let’s get started.

And right now, you can get it for only $44/month

(or $350 for 9 months)

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Still struggling alone to achieve what you want when you could be spending time with a community you love instead?


Let’s see what spending nine months together in community does for creating your Empowered Life. Community allows you to know that you are not alone in your dreams and struggles in mid-life. Our community is here to inspire you to discover your authentic self.

Here’s What You Get…

This is Perfect for YOU if…

We totally get it, sister.

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So, will this work for me?

They say that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. So, let us ask you the question, are you ready to take a look at ways that your life could be improved? Are you ready to question the conditioning you grew up with? Are you ready to let down your defenses and show up with a beginner’s mind and open heart? If so, there is a high probability that this group can offer you what your soul desires.

When exactly can I get started?

We begin with a complimentary class on Wednesday, September 27 and then our monthly community begins October 11, 2023. The two classes per month run until June 19, 2024. This means there are nine months for this first women’s group. The classes are recorded with access to replays within 6 hours afterwards.

What’s Next?

Click on the link to sign up if your body feels like a “Hell Yes”. Attend the complimentary class on September 27th if your body is a “Not Sure”. Listen to some Permission to Be Enchanting Episodes if you are not familiar with Clare and Rachel.

Specifically, Season 3, Episodes One and Two.

Get it ALL for Just $44/month
(or $350 for 9 months)

100% Secure Checkout. PayPal Available.

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