The authors of the paperback novel, ‘Finding My Marbles’ (Clare Sente & Dr. Troy Adams) originally released in 2008, believe that behind the chaotic unfolding of your life, there exists a divine order where everyone and everything are deeply connected and interdependent.  For some this harmony reveals itself when reflecting back upon life experiences.  For others, the harmony becomes apparent as it unfolds.


Monica is an overworked, forty-something single mother with two moody teenagers who is stuck in the joyless zone….a place where joy cannot enter and pain cannot leave.  She begins her journey out of the JZ through a chance meeting with a little boy named Conor and a marble.


Along the way she continues to meet people and experience “coincidences” that represent the hidden harmony that connects all of us. Her journey helps strengthen her intuition, which helps her ultimately find her purpose and bring back her joy.


The beauty is that you were born to experience this hidden harmony and live out your true purpose, one that will bring you joy and help you benefit others. You were given an internal compass to lead you in the right direction.  This compass is called your intuition or inner voice. Feeling frustrated or dissatisfied with your life is a common symptom that you are heading in the wrong direction.


If you are too busy to pay attention or distracted by external noise, you may miss the quiet messages that would help you course correct.  We invite you to be open to the idea of listening, trusting and acting on your intuition. Wherever you are in your life journey right now, it is our desire that story you hear be one that helps you listen to the invitation from your inner voice to move toward your true purpose.

3 reviews for Finding


  1. Liz Maloney PsyD

    This book is a masterpiece. I absolutely loved the 7 clearly described steps to implement into our lives on our daily path to well being. This book is a gift to keep and treasure.

  2. Danette Maynard

    This wonderful book is easy to read but has a lot to say. Clare shares great ideas to obtain a life balance and self-awareness. I recommend this to anyone feeling a need for direction. I loved it so much that I bought a few to give away because as John Lennon said, “we all need a little help from our friends”.

  3. Cheryl

    This book is absolutely perfect. A short and interesting book. Clare has a wonderful way of integrating these seven life principles into a story format. It will definitely move you away from life’s negativities and help you find your place of experiencing more joy in your life! I truly love this book.

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