Self Love Crystal Package + Finding My Marbles Audiobook



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Get your Self Love Crystal Package AND the brand new ‘Finding My Marbles’ Audiobook at a reduced rate when you buy both together.


Self Love Crystal Package helps encourage you to focus on self love and prioritize your needs.


It is easy to give your energy and power away by focusing on everyone else’s needs first. Women are taught that it is “selfish” to prioritize themselves.  The problem is that you cannot live your best life or be the best version of yourself if you are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, or guilty.


The paradox is that when you fill your own cup first and send the message to your bodymind that you are important and worthy of time and attention, you will then discover extra energy and more joy to share with those around you.


The package includes:

  • 1 Self Care Bingo card with 24 squares of self love instructions
  • 1 rose quartz or amethyst center crystal
  • 25 pieces of Hematite crystal chips to place over the squares after completion
  • A restful sleep pouch (purple satin) filled with amethyst and howlite crystal chips plus lavender buds to encourage connection to your body and a night time ritual that promotes healthy sleep (description card included)
  • A passion pouch (maroon satin) filled with a blend of carnelian, citrine, tiger’s eye, and garnet crystal chips to ignite passion for living your best life by offering the combined power of the crystals to promote confidence and creativity plus your positive intention setting (description card included) 
  • ‘You’re a gem” greeting card to send to a girlfriend, sister, mom or write yourself a love letter (and check off one of the squares) or use if you are buying this as a gift for a friend


If you are allergic to lavender and would like to have a sleep pouch without the lavender buds, email clare@empoweredenchantress.com

Note: There is a private FB group called Permission to Be Enchanting and a public FB group called Empowered Enchantress.  Clare will do FB lives in both groups to talk more about the crystals and how to complete the specific self love squares on the bingo card.  If there is interest, there will be a 5 day challenge periodically in 2021 to promote self love using the collective power of a supportive community of women.  Please join the Permission to Be Enchanting group to be aware of the dates.


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