Relaxed Sex: Deepening Connection And Intimacy With Sarah Rose Bright (S3E8)

PTBE Sarah Rose Bright | Relaxed Sex

We can get so caught up living in a fast-paced world that we end up carrying these tensions into the bedroom, making us forget the pleasures of truly connecting that come from slowing down. Clare Sente and Rachel Watson interview intimacy and sex coach Sarah Rose Bright about relaxed sex, what it is and what […]

S3E5: The Transformational Magic Of Women’s Circles

PTBE 5 | Women’s Circles

  Women’s Circles: Where vulnerability meets empowerment, and self-love becomes a powerful ritual. In this enchanting episode, your hosts Clare Sente and Rachel Watson discuss how they originally met through a women’s circle in 2020 and their positive experiences of being in other women’s circles. They discuss how women’s circles are more than just a […]

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