From my lovely clients


-Rachel Watson

-Hayley Jarvis

‘Clare’s embodiment coaching style offered a different way to go deeper within myself, and uncover old issues that have negatively affected me for too long. I liked having time in between our sessions to process, reflect, and be insightful.

I was able to look at myself in a different way.  She helped me get out of my head, connect with my inner voice, my nature, and my subconscious.  This provided a meaningful and deeper connection with myself.’

-Paula Gallemore

‘Clare’s beautiful sessions filled a gap for me I didn’t even know was there. I’m very empowered in my sexuality and embodied connection (I even used to be a stripper!) but I felt called to experience her work because she’s so passionate and compelling whenever she speaks about it. 

We did lovely exercises together, and I especially remember where my goddess self was speaking to myself now, sharing beautiful insights about what’s ahead for me. 

Clare holds such an amazing space, for the dark parts of your past and for your future vision. I’d recommend her to anyone. Even if you feel like you’ve “done this kind of stuff,” Clare has such a magical embodied knowing I’m sure you’ll go places with her you never have before. I love recommending her to my friends and clients – she’s a genuine treasure.’

-Morgana McCabe Allan

-Naomi Buskila

-Lorrie Nelson Tom

‘Don’t hesitate or get caught up in doubts. Clare is wonderful to work with and WILL empower you to transform in ways you possibly cannot envisage.’

-Hayley Jarvis

‘Clare is so warm and generous and I trust her deeply without ever having met her physically, to me that says a lot about Clare and the energy she bring to the work that she does.’

-Rosie Arthey

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