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Here’s my truth.

I’m an optimist, I’ve been one my whole life. Ask my childhood, adolescent and adult friends, my positivity, curiosity, and enthusiasm for life IS my “secret sauce” and why people are drawn to me.  I am a lifelong learner. You won’t find me all over social media, it drains me….like a flower cut from its source (nature).  I’ve learned this the hard way through my own burnout.

I’ve had my own “dark night of the soul”.  I know about loss, shame, and grief.  My oldest sister died when I was 21, I’ve struggled with Seasonal Affective Disorder, I lost my home during the 2009 Recession, I’ve been divorced, grieved my parents’ passing, totalled a few automobiles, and experienced heartbreak.

I’ve struggled with feelings of shame and unworthiness.

But the kicker is that I didn’t know the DEPTHS of these shadow pieces, until I experienced Embodiment Coaching.  My body, NOT MY MIND, shows me where I need healing next. 

Embodiment is offering yourself unconditional love, kindness, and acceptance. It is nurturing the fragile parts of you who need to feel safe before revealing themselves to you.

What nurtures me

are my Seven Female Empowerment Principles I help clients create for themselves:

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