Your Life Has Phases

When I learned about the Three Phases of a Woman’s Life, I was in the Maiden phase.  The three phases are called Maiden, Mother, and Crone.  Crone represented the woman post menopause who has wisdom to share with the mothers and maidens.  Seemed logical and it was a long way off. 

Twenty five years later, I found myself in the menopause phase in my early fifties and the label “Crone” felt shaming.  Nothing empowering about it. I experienced an amazing sexual awakening five years earlier at age 48 and society now wants to label me a Crone?  My love life is better than ever, WTF?!!! 

I’ve renamed the Crone to the “Matriarch” Phase.  It feels respectful. Elephants are my spirit animal and their tribes are led by the matriarch elephants.  Their life spans are similar to humans.  Family is everything to them. My experience up close and personal at the Elephant Nature Reserve in Thailand is still in my top five experiences of my life.

In Clare’s world, a woman in her midlife steps into her “Goddess” phase as she prioritizes herself, learns to set better boundaries, asks for what she wants, creates beauty and pleasure for herself, remembers her energetic crown and connects with her body (temple) daily. Therefore, I’m adding a fourth phase between Mother and Matriarch that I am calling “Goddess”. 

I feel a deep gratitude in my body that I get to experience this abundance as I celebrate my 60th birthday in 2022.  Both of my grandmothers had much harder lives and died tragically when they were only 43, in the Mother phase. My mother Olga is my role model and lived to be 86.  She embodied royalty throughout each of her phases. 

There is a golden crown in the middle of all the phases because in an enlightened society we are all connected to our true divine nature.  Females, males, and non binary beings.  That is true “Empowerment”.

In 2023, we will honor each of these four phases with rituals, music, and celebrations as part of my Wise Women’s Circles, so be sure you are on my email list to be the first to access these.

Welcome, Goddess!

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